Looking over my webpage, I’ve been thinking about moving the whole thing to tumblr or changing it in some way. Not sure what I will do. As well I am going to be re-writing and re-editing and sometimes doing audio version of some stories. Here is one I re-read and got a chuckle out of. Always a favorite. It’s sort of a grown up Alice in Wonderland mixed with my weird imagination.

I give you: A Meal of You

It was another day in a long chain of hot summer days spent inside helping her mother cook. Alice was a very good daughter, or so she continually told herself. Although she didn’t particularly help with the preparation of meals, per se, she did keep her mother company in the kitchen and offered helpful advice as much as possible. Being that Alice herself didn’t do much cooking the advice was mostly theoretical, but Alice thought it was helpful nonetheless.

Sitting at the large kitchen table with her head in her hands, Alice watched as her mother busied herself with various chopping and seasoning and folding and so on that people do when they cook. Alice wasn’t sure what her mother was making, but it did smell very nice and the kitchen was very warm and the chair she was sitting on was so very comfortable. So comfortable in fact that Alice thought it would be a good idea to take a very short nap. A nap is a lovely thing to have just before dinner because you would be woken up right when it was time to eat!

Anonymous asked:

What does it feel like to have a boner?

First and foremost there is a realization. A part of you that you sometimes sort of forget about is suddenly remembered. Attention blooming between your legs.

In the beginning, isn’t either hard or soft; there are brief gradations. Squirming in your seat or on the train or perhaps at home sitting at your computer or ideally in bed with a lover or a friend or maybe even someone you don’t like but need at that moment.

It’s blood. It’s all blood and heat. It fills up and then, like a muscle, tenses. The skin becomes taut where it was loose. The nerves prickle and wake up. Your body shifts into a different mode. Your perceptions and goals change rapidly. You want to fuck. You want to come.

You go from having a dick to having a cock. A part of you that is sort of fragile and timid, flaccidly hiding between your legs, becomes big and hard and powerful. It points out, compass-like, telling you where to go.

If bound, in clothes or what ever, you can become uncomfortable. You can itch and squirm a little with need. There is a desire to free yourself. Well, that and the desire for friction. The desire to slip into something, preferably wet; a mouth, a hand, a pussy, an ass, between breasts, between thighs. The particulars are personal, but to the “little head” not really essential.

For me, my hands become fists, one way or another.

It feels good to have a part of you go hard and thick. It feels good to hold on to yourself. It feels good to rub and tug and manhandle. It feels good to have someone else touch or lick and sink down on.

Anyhow, that’s what it’s like to have a boner, for me at least.






Can we get a Dominican ‘Storm’?? 


She looks fly as hell, but I need Storm to stay African, please.

Just saying, for black Latin@s/afrolatin@s/latinegr@s, that’s usually where the black comes from…? So these two things aren’t necessarily opposites. If we’re talking about how Dascha is lighter-skinned and it’s important to have a darker-skinned person playing Storm OR that there’s an opposition to “changing the backstory” somehow to be “Latin@” instead of the actual Marvel universe, though, that’s super legit. I don’t think it was about the latter, though.

TBH, I’m not super up to speed on X-Men backstories, but it seems like her mom was a tribe princess in Kenya and her dad was an American, and that Storm (whose given name is Ororo) was born in NYC. Then they all moved to Egypt for a while…? So that would make Storm black/African American. To have someone who’s also black but from a Latin-American country doesn’t seem like a departure from that. Thoughts?

I think changing/swapping cultures/ethnicities its is fine (and often good!) when 1. the ethnic heritage of the character is not integral to the character and 2. the character isn’t already an unrepresented culture/ethnicity. Feels a little like, well, she’s already a person of color, why not replace her with another person of color?
Now if Marvel made Dasha the next Black Cat, whose ethnicity really has nothing to do with her character and is white by default, I would be all for that!