Though I may see how Patreon works out, I am looking into a more direct sales system that will fulfill the idea I have been kicking around for a while.

The idea is couture erotic stories. You give me a fantasy, a scenario, a kink, a fetish, a picture, a movie, etc, and I will write out the story for you.

I am considering other mediums for this as well, like a could set up a photo or movie based on your desires. I’m also considering having the stories people order specially printed and mailed to him.

Does this sound like something you would pay for?


emmafred asked:

I had a dream that I stole a car, and you helped me get away with it and then bought me frozen yogurt. And later I had a dream about sightseeing in New York with the Dirty Boys, but New York Harbor was a swamp and there was a wooden walking bridge to get out to the Statue of Liberty.

quickienewyork answered:

I would help you get away anytime Emma. And definitely buy you all the frozen yogurt. 

Actually all of this dream sounds pretty cool. I would love to walk out to the Statue of Liberty with Emma and the Dirty Boys. Sounds like a good day trip.

Thanks for sharing!



Yeah, we need to get Emma to the next reading. Also, now I want frozen yogurt.

Considering Patreon

After looking over some similarly themed writers, specifically Sinclair Sexsmith, I am considering starting up a Patreon account.

Here is how I imagine things going. Does this sound like something anyone out there would do?

$2 a month

At $2 a month you will get access to my special Patreon blog posts. These may be little flash fiction bits, updates on whats going on in my life and work, reposts of older stories, etc. There will be 1 post a week. You also get the warm satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a working writer.

$5 a month

At $5 a month you will get a fresh new short story every month. The stories will range in topic, but they will be erotica of some form. Those who know my work know that I try to write things that are thoughtful and character driven, but also hot and edgy. These works will be from 1000-3000 words.

$15 a month

At $15 a month you will get two short stories every month. One will be the $5 story and the other will be something a little more unusual. It may be a non-erotic work, science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, general weirdness. These works will be from 1000-3000 words.

$50 a month

At $50 I will write a special brand new story every month just for you. You can give me a specific scenario, kink, fetish, plot, gender combination, emotional palette, genre what ever. I will write up a couture story based on your desires. These works will be from 1000-3000 words or more.

Note: All stories will be unpublished and you will be the first people reading them! These stories may show up in ebooks, magazines, anthologies, my webpage, etc at some point, but you will get first dibs.

Stretch Goals

Not sure if it will go any farther than that, but audio version of stories could be a good thing, photo essays, things like that. I will look and see what other writers are doing out there.


Today is bisexuality visibility day.

So I’m coming out as being confused and mostly attracted to women, but also wanting to suck cock sometimes and nervous around boys who would probably let me, but I probably will at some point, and once I had a party for boys to kiss boys and I kissed a bunch boys and I got all weird and giddy and maybe I will do that some more.

So yeah, that’s my sexuality.

Oh yeah and sometimes when I’m brave I call myself queer or politically queer, which seems like a copout, but eh.