What can I say abut last night?

I found myself worrying about how long we were going. Two hours turned into more like three, but the audience stayed with us and stayed after to have some wonderful mingling and canoodling.

I can’t thank our emcee enough, the fabulous Ms Dorothy Darker, who was personable and naughty and hilarious. And our delightful door girl, in her illegal outfit, who welcomed all and sat as blushing muse through our prompt stories. And of course my wonderful co-readers, Gibson Grand, Daisy Danger, and Guy New York.

It was our largest crowd and our smoothest show. The drinks and words flowed and I couldn’t have been happier with the evening.

And indeed, there were some rather titillating diversions and perversions afterwards. Fodder for more stories, absolutely. Like the new friends who slipped snakelike out of her tiny dress only to have her date kindly ask me if I would give her 25 birthday spanks. And one for good luck, obviously.

New friends and old chatted and kissed and put on shows of their own.

By midnight I was in heaven.

And now I yawn and stretch, realizing I didn’t drink any liquor, but I still have a hangover of sorts.

But I took the day off to recover and I hope all those I saw and kissed and spanked and tied up and so on all have a wonderful Monday and I thank each and every one of them for helping to make the night a wonderful blushing biting tipsy success.