Today is by far the most "clients from hell" day ever.

  • Client: We want images for this campaign that are bold and provocative, also very timely.
  • Me: Ok. Are we talking about setting up shoots or do you have a source?
  • Client: Well, we don't have a lot of budget, so we are using royalty free images from Getty.
  • Me: Ok. We can see what we find, what are you looking for?
  • Client: We want some people in a garage, inventing things, like inventing 3D printing. Also some guys in an office, like, inventing Twitter, specifically! You have to tell that the things they are inventing are going to be billion dollar ideas. Also people on a moon base, like the first people who ever built a moon base! The most important thing is that it can't look staged and the people can't look like they are posing. It can't LOOK like stock photos.
  • Me: I can take a look, but a lot of those concepts are going to be difficult to create even if you were to do a photo shoot, let alone buying stock footage.
  • Client: Well, we don't have any budget to buy photos, that's why we are using Royalty Free stuff.
  • Me: Right, um, but it still costs money. You can get a subscription type-
  • Client: No, it's free.
  • Me: Royalty free. Meaning you don't have to pay royalties.
  • Client: NO! It's (other client interrupts with whispers)
  • Client: Oh. I see.
  • Pause
  • Client: Can you draw?
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