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words & turds: don't love men who won't dance »


when i was young(er) my favorite spice girls song was always “if u can’t dance” (if you can’t dance to this, you can’t do nothing for me baby) and now it’s all falling into place. there is nothing more natural than movement. first movement is rocking in the womb; first music is your mother’s…

Unless it’s been drilled into your head that your body isn’t pretty and being graceful is feminine and thus a capital offense. And all body contact is sexualized in your head. And you grew up with music that one didn’t formally “dance” to i.e. punk, hardcore, grunge, etc.

Careful what you call natural.

Sore point from the boy who took ballet and jazz tap as a child and turned into a chubby teenager who was formally put in his place by his peers.