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words & turds: don't love men who won't dance »






when i was young(er) my favorite spice girls song was always “if u can’t dance” (if you can’t dance to this, you can’t do nothing for me baby) and now it’s all falling into place. there is nothing more natural than movement. first movement is rocking in the womb; first music is your mother’s…

Unless it’s been drilled into your head that your body isn’t pretty and being graceful is feminine and thus a capital offense. And all body contact is sexualized in your head. And you grew up with music that one didn’t formally “dance” to i.e. punk, hardcore, grunge, etc.

Careful what you call natural.

Sore point from the boy who took ballet and jazz tap as a child and turned into a chubby teenager who was formally put in his place by his peers.

nope, still calling it natural. movement is not “drilled into your head.” the restriction of your body is. and what was there before that happened? molecules that shake. a baby that cries to be rocked back and forth. movement doesn’t need to be learned. the notion that it’s not for you needs to be unlearned.

The whole idea of “natural” is problematic. What is “natural?” It’s bandied about. It’s natural because it happened early in life? Life and your environment do “unnatural” things to us?

Hey, I dance, I’m just not comfortable with it. I get on the floor and shake it, but I am hyperconscious and anxious and hoping I don’t look like an idiot. Still, I’m defending the me from a decade ago who stood against a wall nodding his head because the rest of his body was gripped in fear. I got over that shit (somewhat,) but not everyone did and I’d rather pull that boy onto the dance floor or stand next to him nodding my head too then call their fear unnatural.

It took a long time to break out of that for me and for others and telling someone who is broken that they can’t do what should be natural sounds like bullshit.

All things that people do are within the bounds of nature. There is no act that is unnatural or supernatural. That break people insert that tried to separate humanity and animals/physics/the rest of reality is a copout. It’s using contrived notions in place of words with actual meanings.

the same could be said for literally every word i used in my original post. what is “natural?” what is “instinctive?” what is “pure?” what is “complicated” vs “uncomplicated?” 

i’m not telling “broken” “people” that they “can’t” do what should be “natural.” i’m saying that i’m not going to get into people who don’t care/haven’t learned to get into their own bodies. this reads the same way as my posts that say shit like “don’t love men who think that reverse racism is a thing.” or “don’t love men who won’t take showers with you.” 

i can see why you’re salty about it, but don’t sweat it. sorry i was a bitch, i just really hate it when white men tell me to be “careful.”

I get it and I know you can give salty talk right back. Debate is good and I certainly see what you are saying. Just doing my job standing up for the ones against the wall trying to work up the courage.

And I won’t tell you to be careful. Neither of us will be anyhow.