On a lot of sites such as mine it is not uncommon to see ads in the sidebars or mastheads. That’s cool, people are saying “here is a way for you to help me pay for my site by going and buying stuff from this other company.” The problem with that, for me at least, is that the company you are putting up ads for is getting the bulk of the money. Plus I hate ads. I use an ad blocker so that I don’t have to see them and I’m sure many of my savvy readers do the same.

Instead I will let you decide how much you would like to pay for the stories I have put up here. Currently I have about 100 stories on here, fiction and non-fiction. Hopefully you’d like to contribute to the cost of keeping this site up.

Recently I lost my job and though I’m confident I will find a new and better one soon, for the time being I am short on funds and somewhat low on confidence. So if you have been looking for a way to pay me for my stories, there is now a PayPal link below (or on my main webpage) that will let you do so.

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