Lovely review of my short story The Date

Genevra DiLorenzo reviewed The Date: An Erotic Short Story

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April 1, 2013

When I first read this story I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days.

There is a disclosure by the author that the story contains role playing and forced sex fantasies.

This story worked as my introduction to the possibility of negotiation in the context of S/M relationships and how regular people might do it. But of course the story is very hot, which makes everything to do with it seem appealing.

Our hero is likable, self-depracating and sometimes confused.

It was really enjoyable to get a glimpse into the head of someone in a dominant position who had some self doubt and was confused.

The girl, who orchestrates her own ravishing, is ultimately in control.
Did I mention this story is hot?

After I read this story, i stayed awake for hours reading everything by this author that i could find.

He is able to create characters that are likeable, sexy, in charge of themselves, and know what they want, even if they have to pretend otherwise to get it.

The Date is a wonderful introduction to the idea of forced play and to Jack Stratton.

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