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While I say that I'm not into BDSM, I don't mean that I'm not into BDSM- it's hot and I can totally get off to it (without a lot of effort/imagination, might I add). However, never in a million years would I put myself in a BDSM situation. I'm perfectly content with vanilla. The thought of power exchange in a real-life situation is a tad much for me. Does that make me a closet BDSM-lover? Does it just make me confused? Though, sexual preferences aside, I'm totally into your writing. So yeah.

Well, looking over my oeuvre I see that almost everything had some bit of power exchange and/or SM. Sometimes it is as little as hair pulling or spanking. Somethings it’s far more. I’m not sure what vanilla means anymore. There are only a few of my stories that involve public BDSM, formal titles/relationships, service, etc.

As for your life/sex life, I couldn’t imagine getting turned on by something (consensual) and never trying it.

Anyhow, here are three “vanilla-ish” stories I’ve written. At least, I think they are vanilla-ish.

Slow Summer Heat
Artist Management

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