Fanfiction. Finding the good stuff is half the battle.

My name is Adrian Fridge (pen name), and I’m earning a Masters degree in Publishing. I’m developing Project Crossfire for my exit project, and, if this goes well, I will attempt to turn it into reality after I finish my degree.

Project Crossfire would be a free and non-profit fanfiction self-publishing platform with two objectives: 1) improve discoverability, and 2) support copyright owners.

Discoverability would come through intensive use of analysis and feedback. First our system would vet every submitted work for spelling/grammar and writing strength, then there would be multi-star Rating system with criteria such as creativity and plausibility. Reader reviews would have a similar vet, along with peer ranking.

Support for copyright owners would happen by creating a storefront where their original content and merchandise would be sold. Ads for the storefront would be provided alongside relevant fandoms. In a similar vein, fanfiction authors would be able to connect their own original fiction titles to their fanfiction profile page.

This survey is meant to gauge your history with fanfiction and to find more ways to make Project Crossfire a better experience overall.

[TL/DR: This fanfiction site does NOT currently exist. Please take this survey to increase likelihood it’ll get developed in the near future.]

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