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Part Time Punks

The anthem of my later teens, as sung by Molotov Cocktail (which is actually a reimagining of the song by Television Personalities)

Part Time Punks

Walking down St. Marks Place
See so many faces,
they come to city places
They came out for the day
They like to walk together,
always look trendy
I think it’s a shame that they all look the same
Here they come lalalalalala part time punks
Then they go to Irving Plaza to see Green Day
They saw Kennedy play them
on MTV last night
They like to buy the new Exploited
They read about Waddy,
but he’s too ugly
So they buy Rancid instead
They play their music really loud
and mosh in their bedrooms
In front of their mirrors
But only when their mom’s not home
Panhandle on the corner
but always use toothpaste
And they got 12.50 to go see Offspring tonight
Here they come lalalalalala part time punks

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