I used to have a mantra, it helped me teach myself how to stop being afraid. In any situation throughout the day I would say “what is the worst that could happen?” and, if necessary “is the worst thing that could happen better or worse than not trying?”

I’m sure that wouldn’t help everyone, but for me it helped a lot. Sure it’s a little long for a mantra, I know, but it worked.

Things have changed. Those words are written on the inside of my eyes now, so I don’t need to remind myself as much.

My new mantra is “is what you are doing right now more important than writing?”

Putzing around online, “boredom,” a million other things, hate, gossip, they are all specifically not more important. There are things that are as important, one of them being relaxation and processing time. Love, sex, cats, reading, going out and having fun, living, helping friends, those are all important. It is the in between moments that eat up the day that I’m trying to exterminate.

Goals for 2013:
1. Produce more than I consume.
2. Make things I am proud of.
3. Continue being amazing.

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