Dirty Boys Reading only one week away!

As many know I’ve been rather busy with my new job. Sigh, oh how I miss my leisurely morning ritual of making coffee and eggs and working on my novels. But, alas, as much as I love writing dirty words, they are not paying the bills quiet yet. So back to the coal mines, or in this case working for a big magazine doing graphic design type stuff.

But, I am excited to remind everyone about Dirty Boys on Sunday May 4th!

The usual suspects will be there, Guy New York, Gibson Grand, and myself, as well as a new guest reader, Marissa Quenqua.

If the first few Dirty Boys are any gauge, this one should be truly spectacular. They seem to get dirtier and wilder every time and now that we are in a larger more private venue, thing should really get interesting. The Parkside lounge have a pretty big seating area and stage as well as a lovely bar. So come out and hear us, there will be a raucous crowd and some inspired stories and maybe even a few surprises.

See you there,

The Dirty Boys are having another reading! Jack Stratton, Guy New York, and Gibson Grand will regale their eager audience with more tales of love, lust, misery, joy, drugs, and rock and roll. We will once again be joined by Daisy Danger at The Magician. 7pm Sunday, February 9th, 2014. Be there or be somewhere not even remotely as sexy.

Here is the Facebook invite