Jack & Guy’s Writing Bar Crawl - Fetish Stories - Feeding

The problem was she was too damn skinny.

Walking past her desk every day he saw her sparkling stare under cat eye glasses and her low cut shirt and her come hither smile he couldn’t help think that she would be perfect for him if she just had a few curves; so he bought her a donut.

It wasn’t just a regular donut, it was a apple cider donut from a farmers market near the office. It was still hot when he placed on her desk and she demured, saying she probably shouldn’t but the way she sighed and closed her eyes when she took the first bite made him hard.

The next day it was a box of single origin chocolates with exotic fillings. She bit her rouged lip and debated whether she should or not. In the end she took them home and wrote him an email thanking him and telling him that she had a crush on him for months.

On their first date he took her to his favorite French bistro.

“Do you trust me?” he said with a smile, taking her hand on the pristine white tablecloth.

Her eyes lit up and her smile widened. “Implicitly,” she said, squeezing his hand.

He ordered oysters, frisée salad with a pouched egg and lardons, foie gras, huge ceramic bowls of cassoulet, and finally pots de creme.

By the end her face was pink from wine and her belly ached.

“My god, that may have been the most amazing meal of my life! You are really trying to fatten me up, aren’t you?” she said with a laugh and he smiled.

“I am,” he admitted.

She giggled and slapped his hand.

“With all the food I think you really might be. It was really delicious though, I loved it all,” she said letting the afterglow of the rich food overtake her.

He lifted her hand and kissed it sweetly.

“I’m not joking,” he said with a sudden frankness and a nervousness that made it difficult to meet her eyes.

She raised an eyebrow.

“So I can look forward to more gourmet snacks?” she said finishing her wine in one sip.


Two weeks later she sat in his bed and looked down at a beautiful wood tray that was laden with croissants, bowls of bread puddings, crapes dripping with chocolate, juices, coffees, and fresh beignets.

She looked down at her little tummy and her breasts, which had been so pinched in her bra that she had to take it off, and frowned.

“Do you like me more now that I’m getting a little meat on my bones?” she pouted.

He dipped a finger in whipped cream and smeared it on her nipple.

“I like that you’re changing because I want you to change,” he said licking the cream off.

“I like feeding you amazing things,” he said biting her nipple.

“I like that you’re embarrassed by it all,” he said, slipping a hand between her legs and smiling as she moaned.

She whimpered as his fingers slipped into her wet pussy.

“I don’t know if I like it yet,” she whispered.

He fingered her harder and she yelped.

“Do you like doing what I say?” he asked, trying to stay calm.

“Yes,” she said more quickly than he expected.

He moved up and pressed a strawberry against her lips, letting the juice redden her chin.

“Good, finish up, then you can work on my cock,” he said slipping the fruit into her mouth and another finger into her pussy.