Jack and Guy’s Writer Bar Crawl Prompt 2 - Puffy Nipple

“It’s wrong to be obsessed with a body part, isn’t it?” Frank asked a friend later.

This friend was, thankfully, a pervert.

“Not really, I mean you liked her before you saw them, right?”

“I did, I really did, but after they were all I could think about,” Frank admitted.


She was embarrassed and that always made him harder.

Her hands were on the hem of her shirt as he attempted to pull it up.

“I- I have to tell you something,” she said looking down.

“Did I do something wrong, I’m sorry if I was getting too aggressive-” he said with a face that went from hungry and aroused to thoroughly apologetic.

She touched his cheek, in that moment

“Oh, no! Not at all, I just wanted to tell you I have, like, weird, nipples,” she said sighing and laughing a little at her own embarrassment.

He let out a long breath and smiled.

“That’s all? Trust me, you are ridiculously beautiful and nothing under your shirt is going to change me wanting you,” he said kissing her sweetly.

“You can take your shirt off or leave it on, I just want to keep kissing you and keep touching you, is that okay?” he asked kissing her neck and enjoying how her eyes rolled back and her breath grew short.

“Okay, I will take it off, they’re just like, really, like, puffy,” she said struggling to pull the cotton off as he kissed her.

Her nipples were huge, fat aureolas with hard nubs on top. Her cheeks reddened as he eyed them.

“Fuck, they’re amazing,” he whispered to himself.

“They’re not. Thanks though,” she said leaning down to kiss him.

He turned, moved to the coffee table and got his laptop. She watched, perplexed.

“I have this, um, folder. It’s where I keep pictures I’ve found online. You know, pictures I like,” he said fumbling with the computer.

She peered at the screen, confused and a little hurt.

On the monitor appeared a little slideshow of nude girls. They were classic internet poses, selfies, art shots, but all of them were of women with large fat nipples like hers.

“Puffies, that’s um, what they call them. It’s like a thing online. I guess it’s sort of a fetish,” he said, suddenly a little embarrassed.

She wasn’t sure what to make of that. She wondered if he’d somehow knew and that was why he was with her, but that was impossible. Still there was a new light in his eyes, a hunger, and it made her feel pretty and a little powerful.

“So you like them?” she said straightening, pushing her chest out.

He let his eyes fall from her face to her delicate neck, to her teardrop shaped breasts topped with big puffy nipples.

His hands reached out to touch and she slapped them away. He looked up in surprise and saw a new smile on her lips.

“Now that I know you like them so much you should say please,” she said pushing her chest out further.

He swallowed, eyes unable to leave her nipples.

“P-please?” Frank begged.

She moved forward a little and nodded.

“With your mouth,” she commanded.

Frank moved in and took her pillow softness into his mouth. She sucked in air as he sucked at her tit. She closed her fist in his hair and pulled him closers.

“Stop,” she said and he immediately did.

“Sit down and I’ll let you kiss them again if you do exactly what I say,” she told him.

He whimpered and nodded, letting her push him down and crawling on top of him.