The Callipygian Sublimation

A friend recently reminded me of one of the first things I ever read in public. It was at the Bowery Poetry Club, though it certainly wasn’t poetry. There were a few readings and some burlesque that night.

Little did I know that while waiting backstage to go on, all of the burlesque performers would get completely nude and casually chat with me, which was very distracting for novice Jack!

My reading went somewhat horribly, though I’m amused at the fabulously bombastic title of what I read. It’s also interesting how different my style was four years ago. I was more lyrical, but far more clumsy, which can have a charm of its own. Also, I am pretty sure I didn’t pronounce callipygian correctly.

The Callipygian Sublimation

She is a candy stranger. Perfect in the way someone you don’t know at all can be perfect. Her small breasts and her large hips and soft swell of an ass that seems nearly impossible on her tiny frame. Her thin waist and her wild hair. That exoticness that is so difficult for people to get right.

She is new to this, but she’ll do just fine. In fact, it’s hard to find regulars with an attitude so perfect for these games. Right for me, that is. Everyone wants something different from places like this. The Venn Diagrams of our emotional, physical and sexual wants. Cross-indexed by our needs.

She is smart, very smart, enthusiastic, very aware of her own desires. She isn’t in this to see, she is in this to get what she has needed for a while but didn’t have a name for. She wants to play, but not for keeps. Those words would be what a doctor would write on my prescription, if there were doctors for such things.

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