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Call from my mother

  • Mom: I have to download Turbo Tax and the website says Windows or Mac.
  • Me: This is on your iMac?
  • Mom: Yes.
  • Me: ...
  • Mom: Which do I download?
  • Me: You want to know know if you Mac is Windows or Mac?
  • Mom: Yes.
  • Me: ...
  • Mom: Or do I need something else?
  • Me: Back when I was born was there any commotion in the hospital?
  • Mom: What?
  • Me: I mean, is there any question, any question at all if you are my biological mother?
  • Mom: *frustrated sigh*
  • Me: Your iMac is a Mac. Use the Mac software, for your Mac.
  • Mom: Was that so hard?
  • Me: Harder than you could possibly imagine.

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